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Scanbird sell copies of all the photos you can see in the galleries.

You can buy the photos on two ways;

Digital copies: Here you can purchase a digital copy of the image in high resolution (quality). See quality and prices here

Print copies: Here you can buy a printed copy of the photo in the gallery, see size and prices here

How do I do: Mail your order to stating the image number and caption of the pictures you want to buy. Numbers and text, see the pictures in the gallery. Eg. "2 | honey buzzard." Here the "2" is the image number, and "honey buzzard" the caption. These are 2 things you need to include in the order.

How do I pay: After you submit your order to Scanbird, you will receive a bill with a Danish and a Swedish account number. To one of these you must transfer the payment. When Scanbird has received your payment, you will receive your images by e-mail or post.

Postage and bank transfer fee: Postage is free of charge inside Scandinavia. Outside Scandinavia Scanbird will add a fee according to your order. Bank transfers is free of charge inside Denmark and Sweden. In the rest of Europe bank transfer will cost you a fee of 3 euro that will be added to your invoice. Outside Europe please instruct your bank that all bank charges are charged to you.

Currency: Scanbird accept Euros, US dollars, Danish and Swedish crones.

How may I use the photos: All the photos you buy is slickly to private use. You can use the photos to private articles, web sites, blocks etc. Using the photos to any kind of commercial use is strictly forbidden with out a permission from Scanbird.  

Professional users: If you want to use a photo in a commercial way like in:  books, magazines, newspapers and web sites. Please contact Scanbird for an offer.